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Fuel Spews Out Once I Strive To Fill It Up – Damaged Vent Management Valve on a 2004/2005/2006 Nissan Sentra – jj

Fuel Spews Out Once I Strive To Fill It Up – Damaged Vent Management Valve on a 2004/2005/2006 Nissan Sentra

This is how to fix a broken vent control valve / vapor canister valve on a 2004 / 2005 / 2006 Nissan Sentra. I have heard this process may be very similar (if not …



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  1. Only $36 Amazon shipped for one here with a claimed 2-Year Warranty (LINK: https://amzn.to/2t6IYp1 )!! This is the one I got for my fix (did it earlier today and worked great! can finally fill my car up again!!). Just wanted to share as this was the best price and best warranty (there is a couple cheaper ones on Amazon… but NONE of those offer a 2-Year Warranty).
    Thanks again for the instructional video! Made it super easy!

  2. Thanks for this. I have a 2005 SE-R Sentra and while I am not getting the splash back often (it shuts off only once or so a fill up) it is an issue… so mine might be cleanable since it seems to work sometimes (or maybe it is stuck open). Will have to check it out.

  3. Great Video!
    I have 2011 Ford Mondeo with capless fuel system and every time I fill the tank, the gas nozzle shuts off after 5 liters even when the tank is empty. sometime the fuel pours out under the wheel arch.

    I went to more than one garage and they told me there is no problem with the fuel system in spite of the fact they did't do any inspections on the vehicle.

    Any advice please?

  4. Hi! Got a notification from Nissan today that they extending warranty for "vapor vent tube connecting the fuel tank to the evaporative emission canister"…is this part in your video same thing? Reason I ask is my Check engine light is on and code it gives off is small evap leak. Let me know please. Thanks for your time!

  5. Could this cause a stalling feeling to the car while in low revs? I'd been suspecting the fuel pump, because it seemed to work better with a full tank, but now I'm having these fueling issues, I'm second guessing.
    juddering in low RPM's, and a sometimes inability to accelerate. No error codes. Kind of comes and goes.

  6. I don't have gas spewing issue but I am getting P0455 for over 4 years now. Got it checked so many times, everytime was told gas cap issue. Replaced with an OEM cap, nothing changed. The mechanic then changed Oxygen sensor, the same thing. Now I know this could be an issue.
    Just wondering, taking off the wheel is a must, or can do without removing the wheel as well? 2006 Sentra 1.8L

  7. thanks, man. been really rustling my jimmies with this stuff when i'm in uniform going on patrol and half the damn tank spits back out at me like a thai hooker and i'm standing there holding the pump looking like an idiot

  8. Or go to the junkyard and take one off the same year or newer model vehicle. I have a 06 Tahoe and had the same problem but after watching these videos I went straight to junk yard but there was no 06 tahoe but there were a lot of GMC Envoy & pickup trucks. So I didn't want the same problem to happen anytime soon so I to the evap off a 09 envoy with low mile the part was $4.00 with a lifetime warranty.

  9. hi there, so i have had the same problem with my car, its a 2000 mustang, but the machanic who looked at it, before replacing that part unhooked the hose to let it vent and bipass it, but it still spewed out the top of the car, canadian tire is telling me its my filler neck but the other garage is saying the filler neck is fine. help, im so frustrated!! 🙁 canadian tire put on a whole new gas tank few months ago and when i got the gas to stop pouring out the bottom it wouldn't go in the top. any suggestions i can't afford to keep getting wrong opinions, spent 1700 on this so far.

  10. HALLELUJAH!!! –thank goodness I know what's wrong now!!! Stupid check engine light on 4 two flippin years,…mechanics telling me nothing is wrong …

    This gas tank situation has been driving me crazy for 2 years!!  {and the person I got the 2006 Sentra from said I was just overreacting and to just put gas in slower! slower than 10 min to fill 1/2 a tank I said to him??    

    Now,… to find someone to do it for me haha  I'm liable to make it worse as I can't even change a tire {{I know I know…typical woman}} – but honestly, this has made me want to learn more about cars — it was really interesting –Thanks so much, this has really helped  — Anyone know where to get this part in Canada?

  11. The check engine light has been on due to an error code P0455 for my 2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8S, tried to change a new fuel cap and cycled the battery. It was off for 50 miles, then came back on again. Tried to disconnect and reconnect my battery again, it came back again about 50-60 miles.

    AutoZone told me it could be vapor canister check valve problem, i am going to remove it and check it this weekend. How can you tell if it has any problems on it? Is it located on rear right side?

  12. I just got a quote from Nissan for this exact repair: $162 for the part and $120 to install, plus taxes.
    Went to a parts supplier and got the part itself for $76 inc. taxes.
    Thanks for much for posting this!

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