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Imran Khan Hate Speech towards India | Imran Khan once more spewed poison, said- If India has not left the 'path of destruction' … – jj

Imran Khan Hate Speech towards India | Imran Khan once more spewed poison, said- If India has not left the 'path of destruction' …


Kuala Lumpur: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday once again made offensive and provocative talks against India. He said that 'India is moving on the path of fascism and extremism and if it does not leave this path, it will be broken into many pieces. "According to the report of http://zeenews.india.com/" Express News " , Imran, who visited Malaysia, said this in his address at the Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies.

In response to a question, Imran said, "When I became the Prime Minister, I first approached India. I assured Prime Minister Narendra Modi of my support and said that whatever we can do to improve our relations, Because the poorest people live in our area. "

Imran said, "The best way to alleviate poverty in the region is to do business with each other. The less the tension, the less the two countries will spend on defense and the more they will spend on trade. It will bring prosperity."

After this, Imran said, "Our offer is constantly being rejected by India. There is no practical reason for this but because it is occupied by an extremist idea. Whatever is happening in India, It is very dangerous for the Indian public and this will divide India forever and break it into pieces. "

The Pakistani Prime Minister said, "There exists a large minority in India. And, Hindutva fascist ideology has alienated 50 crore people and if they continue on this path then they may face many difficulties. If India Once the extremism has come out of the bottle, then it will be difficult to put it back in the bottle. "

Imran said, "I am expressing sympathy with India, saying that whatever is happening there is the biggest catastrophe for it because fascist thinking does not allow any other thinking to arise."

He said that he is once again repeating the proposal to hold talks with India.

On this occasion, Imran gave his opinion on issues like Pakistan-Malaysia relationship, presenting the correct interpretation of Islam to the countries of the world, and dealing with Islamophobia.

Significantly, India has always insisted that if Pakistan shelters terrorists and stops plotting terrorist attacks in India, then it is ready for talks with it. Not taking decisive steps by Pakistan against terrorism is unacceptable to India and is the biggest obstacle in the path of good relations.

(Input: Agency IANS)

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