Venus will journey for 26 days in its zodiac signal Pisces, know what is going to occur to your zodiac signal. Should Learn: Venus Transit in Pisces – Affect and Significance



lekhaka-gajendra sharma


Published: Friday, January 31, 2020, 7:00 (IST)

new Delhi. Representative planet of wealth, material comforts, luxury life, jewelery, diamond, love, beauty, charm, captivating, effectiveness Venus is going to enter Pisces on February 3, 2020 at 2.30 pm. This is the high zodiac sign of Venus, so Venus is going to show auspicious effects to all zodiac signs. For those who lack love in life, married life is stressful, there is no entertainment in it, sex life is going completely monotonous, Venus will show positive effect for them. Venus will remain in this amount till 1.47 pm on 29 February 2020. Let's know for what zodiac sign Venus will transit in its high zodiac sign Pisces.

Attainment of material comforts

Attainment of material comforts

  • Aries : The transit of Venus will be in the twelfth position for Aries. You will spend, but to make your life luxury. Material comforts will be attained. Will buy new jewelery. Love relationships are about to be received. Also, if love has not been communicated in your life so far, then you are going to get a great partner soon. Sexual desires will be fulfilled.
  • Taurus: The transit of Venus will be in the eleventh position for Taurus. Since it is Venus's own zodiac sign and XI income place, the natives of Taurus zodiac are going to have tremendous economic benefits. Suddenly money can come from somewhere. Old investment will benefit. Ancestral property, land, buildings, vehicles are the sum of happiness. Love relationships will become stronger.
  • Gemini : For Gemini, the transit of Venus will be in the tenth place. Disorientation regarding livelihood will be removed. You will get a permanent job or trade. Time is good for starting new tasks. Problems related to marital life will be overcome and go on an enjoyable and enjoyable journey with your partner. Unmarried people will get marriage pleasure.
  • Cancer : For Cancer zodiac, the transit of Venus will be in the ninth place, that is, luck. The influence of Venus will strengthen your destiny and progress in every sphere of life. Chances of traveling abroad are being made. Those students who are thinking of taking education in foreign universities can fulfill their dream. There will be easy access to material pleasures. The attracti