Watch an audio professional use a Mac Professional to personal Ensemble Professional, Logic Professional, and Professional Instruments


We’ve been told over and over again how over-powered Mac Pro is for most people. And that’s absolutely the case. But if you’re someone who can make use of all that grunt you can rarely do better than Apple’s most costly Mac. And audio pro Neil Parfitt is one of those people.

He’s been sharing his Mac Pro story via YouTube with a new video posted recently. In his latest outing, he shows us how his new Mac Pro – rack-mounted, no less – is replacing two older Mac Pros and making his workflow…work.

Parfitt’s old setup involved having two 2013 Mac Pro machines running different apps and hardware just to get the job done, Now, all of that is handled in a single 2019 Mac Pro thanks to the extra oomph it has, but also the expandability as well.

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