Hello everyone, this video is a set of videos about work, which are important information to know when working know the rights and duties of Spanish workers so I share it to help, on my website or Blog are all the videos of this Oscar Gamarra Rodriguez channel:
My blog or website is:
 That I have extracted from the web: that this program is released from Monday to Friday at 9:30 am on La 2 de tve, I have edited them, the header of the video and the end of it, these videos I have only uploaded to YouTube with the purpose of helping and informing people who are looking for work and knowing their rights and duties as workers in Spain.

  On the other hand, to inform you that this video, like others, you have in my blog, separated by sections or by themes, all that I have posted on YouTube with a brand: Óscar Gamarra Rodriguez, which is my channel. Finally tell you that my web address of my blog is: there is also my curriculum videos, since I am looking for work, apart from this and other videos, about the world of work and leisure. If you like it you can SUBSCRIBE my channel in:


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