Demand for battle on Kashmir concern arising in Pakistani Parliament | The demand for battle on the Kashmir concern arising within the Pakistani Parliament, the opposition opposition gave these arguments


Islamabad: The proposal of 'solidarity with Kashmiris' passed unanimously in the National Assembly, the lower house of the Parliament of Pakistan, but during the discussion, sharp differences in the ruling and opposition on 'resolving' Kashmir issue. Got to see Some MPs demanded jihad on Kashmir issue and said that this issue will be resolved only by war. The report published in the Pakistani media revealed that the differences did not show only in the tone of the ruling and opposition.

The dispute between the ruling parties also came to light when Human Rights Minister Shirin Mazari directly put the Ministry of External Affairs and its Minister Shah Mahmoood Qureshi in the dock, saying that Prime Minister Imran Khan (Imran khan) had taken as much control over Kashmir Initiated, he did not get the expected help of the Ministry of External Affairs. He said that the Ministry of External Affairs and some other government institutions did not take steps on many occasions when they should have been taken up.

During the debate on the proposal, there was a competition between the MPs of the Opposition and Opposition, who is able to put his point on Kashmir with 'strictness and strength'. According to the media report, the MPs said that 'mere speeches and proposals will do nothing' and that 'some practical steps have to be taken'.

These steps were revealed in clear words. The lawmakers of Islam-Fazl have demanded to wage jihad against India. MP Abdul Akbar Chitrali even suggested a date for this. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan should formally declare a war against India on February 10. He said that just one announcement will create panic in the international community and the world will interfere to resolve this issue.

After Chitrali, some other MPs also expressed the same opinion that 'nuclear-powered Pakistan has only one option left to liberate the people of Kashmir and fulfill the' incomplete agenda 'of the partition of the subcontinent. "

Maulana Chitrali suggested the war when Kashmir Affairs Minister Ali Amin Gandapur alleged in his speech that Jamiathe Ulemae Islam-Fazl had damaged the campaign of Kashmir by taking a long dharna in Islamabad in October. To this Chitrali said, "When shall we do Jihad? Announce Jihad." Gandapur said that the previous governments had neglected the Kashmir issue but the present government has again brought it to international forums.

After the discussion, the proposal for 'solidarity with Kashmiris' passed unanimously in the National Assembly and a demand was made from India to cancel the decision to merge Jammu and Kashmir with itself. The resolution demanded that a special meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) be convened on the Kashmir issue.

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