Dua, who was doing full Jodhpur for the effectively being of his two brothers, met on this scenario. Two Baby Lacking from Jodhpur they usually present in barmer



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Published: Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 19:56 (IST)

Jodhpur The two innocent brothers who were praying for the well-being of Jodhpur's brothers in Rajasthan have both met safely. On Wednesday, the third day of their disappearance from village Boranada in Jodhpur district, the children were found in a farm in Barmer. Why did both brothers go there? It is not yet known, but the journey of the two from the village to Barmer has been very interesting. The Jodhpur police reached them on the basis of CCTV footage and questioning of the people. Initially it seemed to be a case of kidnapping. After meeting the children, it was found that they had left on their own.

Two Child Missing from Jodhpur and they found in barmer

According to Sub-Inspector Omprakash, Hemant Singh (13) and Bhavesh (10), sons of Bhawanisingh, resident of Boranada village, study in the eighth and 5th grade in the Sarvandana school of the area. Both brothers left home on Monday morning to go to school, but both did not reach school. The two brothers did not return home despite the scheduled time off on leave. This made the family worried. When he approached the school, it was found that both the brothers had not come to school. The handicraft working father also returned home and started searching with the help of acquaintances and neighbors, but the two brothers could not be traced.

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After exhausting, the family reached the police and informed them about the case. Police investigated CCTV footage of the Boranada bus stand and elsewhere. Then it was revealed that both brothers had reached the bus stand alone in the afternoon from where the city bus boarded. When the police questioned the city bus driver, he informed the children about leaving Jalori Gate. Police reached Jalori Gate and checked the CCTV footage. The two brothers were then confirmed to have reached the railway station.

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When the police searched the footage of the cameras of the railway station and the platform, the two brothers also appeared there at two o'clock in the afternoon. There was no other person with them. The police took information from the TTE of the train departing during that time period. TTE of the train going to Barmer revealed that he had given two children a ticket to Barmer. On this basis, a team of police has been sent to Barmer in search of both, where the team found them in a field.

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