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Learn how to construct a selfmade buggy step-by-step -Seguropordias® – jj

Learn how to construct a selfmade buggy step-by-step -Seguropordias®

Do you know what a buggy is? It is a light vehicle made to circulate on any terrain. It is characterized by having a low body, wide tires and built from the chassis of a vehicle that we would all understand as normal and ordinary. They are difficult to see on conventional roads but many of them are properly registered and can do so without problem.

Buggies are vehicles that, due to their characteristics, are usually used to circulate through sandy or complex terrain, since their low ground clearance gives them great stability. In addition, because of the light and open body, they have been very recurrent in desert areas where temperatures are very high.

If you are a true motor lover and you love challenges, maybe you should rethink to build a buggy. It is simpler than it sounds, since after all most of the components will be reused. It can be a very fun hobby that will take you some time and that you can be very proud of.

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