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Nationwide Marketing campaign on Respectable Work in Argentina – jj

Nationwide Marketing campaign on Respectable Work in Argentina

The Project for Strengthening the Human Rights Protection System (Forprodhu Project) of the Ministry of Human Rights of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation, in cooperation with the European Union, set out a series of actions for the promotion and protection of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Collective Incidence Rights. In this sense, the National Campaign on Decent Work has been a means to sensitize the population to the rights and guarantees that all and all workers have.

For the development of this National Campaign, a video was prepared in consultation with national officials, references from non-governmental organizations, members of international organizations, academics and researchers and references from workers' organizations.

The ILO Country Office for Argentina participated in the consultation by contributing ideas,
key messages, etc. The result was the development and dissemination of a video spot broadcast on open and cable television channels with national and provincial reach.

From 2003 to date, one of the constant actions of the national government has been to promote and defend labor rights as a fundamental policy for the reconstruction of the social fabric that had been fragmented during the previous decades.

When disseminating, raising awareness and promoting human rights, the means of
Communication does not associate labor rights as a fundamental part of human rights, which in general are associated only with civil and political rights.
In this sense, it was decided to promote decent work to give visibility to this basic right and continue to strengthen a culture of respect and defense of workers' rights.


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