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Ring Match Journey: Closing Degree/Boss + Credit (Problem 18) – jj

Ring Match Journey: Closing Degree/Boss + Credit (Problem 18)

Been playing Ring Fit on stream and decided to upload me yelling at Ring and the Final Boss. Spoilers obviously! We are now sponsored by Steelseries!


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  1. I just got to the end of ring fit adventure today on difficulty 15 and holy crap am I dead today. I chugged like 3 water bottles during that fight and there was much screaming and cursing as well. Great job completing this though, I'm so happy for you.

  2. GG man. I'd have died from an asthma or heart attack about five minutes in,so mad respect,lol. And I though Wii Sports was a good workout,haha. This is actually the first gameplay from it that I've seen. I wouldn't mind a review at all.

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