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🔴 Pension Fee💰 ISSSTE FEBRUARY 2020- CALENDAR- Retired and Pensioned👴🔴 – jj

🔴 Pension Fee💰 ISSSTE FEBRUARY 2020- CALENDAR- Retired and Pensioned👴🔴

Information is shared on the increases that will take place from February 1, 2020 Due to the annual salary increase and the different cases that the increases would occur, since not for everyone it is the same.
I share the video link for download of the ISSSTE 2020 RETIRED AND PENSIONED PAYMENT CALENDAR:

I share the information on the payment of the ISSSTE pensions February 2020, as well as the annual 2020 Calendar for Retired and Pensioners.
I share the three types of increases that are applicable for the three groups of retirees and pensioners of the Issste where it is indicated which is the pension group that would be granting a 20% salary increase, and the group that would be receiving the increase of 2.83 %; as well as the procedure to follow in order to calculate the increase in your pension.
I share the bank non-working days for your correct payment of taxes and federal taxes
I share the cases that will be granting tax benefits for the elderly, people with disabilities and retirees and pensioners.

I share the plan to months without interest with participating cards and different places of payment for the fulfillment of your tax contributions.
League of payment of property tax tenure and water months without interest here:

I share the benefit of the 5 and 8% discount for the payment of the property tax

I share the remission of 100% of your vehicle possession payment only with your endorsement payment and until what deadline you have to pay.
Payment page current, expired receipts and capture line:

I share the issste page and captralir to consult your salary increase, and the status of the download of your payroll receipt on the captralir page.
League of consultation of your salary increase here:

League of report and consultation of the download of your receipt of the captralir here:

Payment locations and paperwork here:

Finally, I share the 2019-2020 school calendar and the work calendar published by the national banking and securities commission.

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  1. Sr. Muchas muchas gracias por sus informes tan detallados, y bien explicados, con toda calma y exactitud. Como psicologa e hija de una profesora pensionada de 74 años le agradesco su explicacion haciendo au comprension mas facil para un persona mayor. Parece que muchos hacen todo aun mas complicado para estas personas y usted hace lo que muchos no quieren hacer por nuestros mayores quienes dieron sus mejores años por nosotros. Gracias por su tiempo y esfuerzo para ayudar! Dios lo bendiga🙏

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