10 the most effective of my life A Secure Harbor Encounter

10 the best of my life The best that my life has gone through
was to have found it
if my face pretended a thousand laughs
And it was just a cry.

Because I had never noticed
that Jesus was so close to me,
willing to heal my wounds
With your tender hands.

The best that my life has happened
was to have found
to the greatest that has ever existed,
That is not compared.

The attempt wouldn't even work
that I could pay him so much,
because nobody in the world
He has been able to match his past.

How many times I ignored you
And I was just by my side.
That it was enough to tip
My ear to hear his call.

And death on the cross that day,
It was the sign of having loved so much.
The best that my life has happened
It was to have found it.


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