Afghans maintain anti-Pakistan protest in Kabul, say depart Kashmir alone | Afghans protest towards Pakistan in Kabul, this large factor about Kashmir


Kabul: Afghans demonstrated in front of Pakistan Embassy in Afghanistan's capital Kabul. The Afghans protested about Pakistan constantly interfering in the affairs of Afghan and Kashmir. The protesters carried placards of 'Pakistan is the enemy'. The protesters were demanding the release of Manzoor Pashtin, the head of the Pakistan Pashtun Tahafuz movement. There are a large number of people of Pashtun society in Afghanistan. Manzoor Pashthan, the head of the Pashtun Tehfuz Movement (PTM), an organization of the Pakistani Pashtun community, was arrested by the Afghan government last week.

A case of treason has been filed accusing Pashtran of accusing Pashthan of voicing the rights of his community in a speech given at a program.

Pakistan again had to face it
The Pakistan embassy in Afghanistan had to face it when a hotel refused to allow it to organize anti-India on Kashmir issue. However, for this, the Pakistani Embassy officials have given the 'pressure of the Afghan government' as the reason, but no such thing has come out from the Government of Afghanistan.

According to the report published in Pakistani media, 'Kashmir Solidarity Day' was celebrated by the Government of Pakistan on Wednesday in the country and the world. Under this, events were organized in the country as well as abroad. In this connection, a hotel was going to be held in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, but the hotel refused to allow it a few hours before the event.

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