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Flag Soccer with Jerome Bettis – GEICO Insurance coverage – jj

Flag Soccer with Jerome Bettis – GEICO Insurance coverage

With Jerome Bettis on their side, this flag football team is unstoppable. Subscribe to GEICO: http://on.gei.co/2kvNnOw COMMERCIAL CAST: Jerome Bettis …



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  1. Cute idea, but massive fail. I'm 34 and have never played football, but I'm positive I could grab a flag off of an overweight guy. I couldn't tackle him, but it's flag football! Would make more sense if they used a super fast guy instead of Bettis. He's obviously overweight and slow nowadays. Just speakin the truth.

  2. Did the person who thought up this commercial ever play flag football? You only have to grab a flag, a velcro flag, off the runner to "tackle" a person. How the guy who grabbed the flag could not snatch it from Bettis's belt is ridiculous. 😜

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