"Howdy, Modi" To Be Greatest US Occasion After Pope's Welcome

“Howdy, Modi!” is being billed as a once in a lifetime cultural program on Sunday. That’s when Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be Houston attending an event …


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  1. Pity ! Consciously or unconsciously a couple of contributors to this rubric has got the wrong end of he stick. They have taken exception to my earlier comment on the subject. Thats OK with me. All healthy criticisms are welcome. A bird can only fly if it has two wings. My point of divergence with NDTV's headline was based on two paramount counts eg (a) object of congregation and (b) numbers attended. I would have been equally quick to record my objection if they compared Kumbh Mela with Houston jambaroo at the same breath.

  2. India has nothing to offer the world, India is a taker not a contributor to the world system. India's large population is not going to help India become a power, and the fact that every time any power tries to befriend India, collapses and falls apart proves that India becomes a liability to them, because India is too much of burden and contributes the least possible in any relationship. India is like a leech and sucks the blood out of the other side as much as possible to the point that she causes their collapse and their end.
    India is a user and abuser!!!
    Indians are on a deceitful missions!!!

  3. Why not have a major event when so much of Taxpayers money is being pumped in for the expenses…such is blinded Indians who think the hype being created is for his godness undermining the costs while millions live below poverty line in India ..SHAMELESS INDIANS

  4. It's an international platform you sons of bitches. Atleast keep your agenda aside for once. Even Shashi Tharoor supported this. Can't believe people actually follow this channel, but then again Pakistanis are found more on indian content thn theirs

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