New Patent Suggests Apple Is Working On Foldable iPhone



  • New Apple patent for foldable technology
  • Future iPhone or iPad may come as foldable devices
  • Apple yet to make an announcement about foldable iPhone or iPad

Apple has been granted a new patent hinting towards a foldable iPhone or iPad. As more and more Android smartphone manufacturers jumping on the foldable phone wagon, all eyes are set on Apple’s move regarding the foldable technology.

According to the patent, Apple will manufacture a device with a display that overlaps an axis and a case with first and second flaps that support the display.

“A hinge mechanism may be used to ensure adequate separation between the first and second portions when the housing is bent. Movable flaps may be retracted when the housing is bent to create room for a bent portion of the display,” the patent filed by the tech giant stated.

If we put it simply, Apple’s technology will put less stress on the display when it is folded. And, the risk of creasing is likely to be reduced to a great extent. The images shared in Apple’s latest patent showed that the hinge developed by the company will bend the display outwards in order to change the radius of the curve, giving it more space to bend back on itself. The outward curve will resemble a teardrop reducing the chances of a crippling crease to occur, Tom’s Guide reported.

Apple is known to file patents for any latest technology the company wishes to include in their existing lineup of products. Recently, the company filed a patent that would remove the mechanical crown from Apple Watch and replace it with a digital crown. Apple removing the iconic mechanical crown should not be seen as a shocking move as the company is renowned in the market for coming up with pathbreaking innovation. For example, removal of the headphone jack from its iPhone and iPad lineup.

Recently, Moto released its new Moto Razr foldable phone reminding fans of the old Razr. The 2020 version of Razr is a unique take on the foldable phone as it features the good old clamshell design of the original model, but now it is with a flexible display. However, reviewers from Android Community reported a clicking sound when opening or closing the phone. This is the first-generation Moto Razr foldable phone and the company is expected to make improvements in the future generations of the phone.

The iPhone 11 helped Apple regain the crown as leader of the global smartphone market in the fourth quarter, according to analysts The iPhone 11 helped Apple regain the crown as leader of the global smartphone market in the fourth quarter, according to analysts Photo: AFP / NICOLAS ASFOURI

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