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Prime Minister Modi on NPR – events taking U-turn resulting from political causes – jj

Prime Minister Modi on NPR – events taking U-turn resulting from political causes



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Defending NPR in the Rajya Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that 'biometric data for NPR was also taken in 2011. Census and NPR is a common administrative process under which data was collected earlier, but we never misused it.

In his vote of thanks on the President's address, Modi said, 'We have the NPR record of the Congress time. On what basis are you opposing it today? Since you are now in opposition, then the NPR done by you is starting to look bad?

He claimed that 'earlier all the states were ready for NPR, but now they are taking a U-turn due to political reasons'.

In fact, on Thursday, Kerala Chief Minister P Vijayan said that 'they will do only census in their state, will not implement NPR'.

In his address, Modi defended the Citizenship Amendment Act citing some comments made by Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jawaharlal Nehru, Ram Manohar Lohia, Bhim Rao Ambedkar and the Standing Committee of the Congress Party.

He said that 'All these people were in favor of settling foreign minorities in India, so would they also be called communal?' However, in response to this, the Congress party has said that 'Modi has done the work of confusing the country by presenting the statement of former Prime Minister Nehru in the wrong context.

In the Rajya Sabha, PM Modi said that 'those who are protesting against the CAA will not have any political benefit, rather it will create problems in taking the welfare schemes of the poor to the poor'.

After Modi's speech, the Central Government told the House that 'Government telephone companies, BSNL and MTNL will not be allowed to be closed, the Central Government is making full efforts to protect them'.

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Earlier in the Rajya Sabha, Modi spoke on many issues including GST, Article-370 and India's economy.

Modi claimed that among the basic parameters of the economy, even today, India's economy is strong, strong and has the power to go ahead. No need to be disappointed.

Modi said, "Despair never does good for the country, so the happy outcome of the talk of $ 5 trillion economy is that those who protest also have to talk about $ 5 trillion. We have changed the mindset."

After this statement of Modi, there was a slight uproar in the House.

Expressing disappointment over the comments of the opponents, PM Modi said, "In the new decade, I was disappointed with the expectation of the new artist. You have stayed where you were."

He said that 'who were once silent (silent), are now becoming violent (violent)'. Looking at some Opposition MPs present in the House, the Prime Minister said this.

On the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, Modi said, "For the first time Anti-Corruption Bureau was established in Jammu and Kashmir. For the first time, the tradition of hospitality of separatists ended there. In 18 months after Governor Rule, there are more than 4400 sarpanches and 35 thousand Peaceful elections were held for more than five panches. August 5, 2019, has become a black day for those who promote terror and isolation. "

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What did Modi say in the Lok Sabha?

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke in the Lok Sabha on Thursday morning for about one and a half hours. In this speech, he defended the government. At the same time, a strong attack was made on the opposition.

In the Lok Sabha, he had questioned the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi and Nehru and he continued his speech amid the noise of the opposition.

Read the special features of his speech here, but before that an interesting story was told by the PM to ridicule the opposition.

The short form of his story was such that 'many people were traveling in a train. When the speed of the train increased, one passenger said that the tracks of the train were saying – Prabhu crosses the fleet with Kirpa, the other said that the voice is coming that Prabhu's illusion is imperfect. There was also a Muslim. He said that I am listening to your mercy, Allah is your mercy. There was also a wrestler, when his turn came, he said, I am hearing something else. People asked what is being heard, so they said – Rail is saying, Kha Rabri, Kar workout, Kha Rabri, Kar workout.

On this latitude of PM Modi, the MPs of the ruling party said, after which Modi said that whose mind is like that, he understands that.

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Preparing to eat poles

PM Modi said that a Congress leader is saying that "in six months people will beat me with poles. It is good, I told you first. I will prepare. The number of Surya Namaskar will increase. People are giving me such abuses." That I have been abusive. "

Modi while addressing Shashi Tharoor said, "There have been repeated talk of saving the constitution. I also agree. Congress should say this a hundred times a day. It is important for that because when, what happened to the constitution , You know all this. By speaking this you will realize your mistakes. Those who take away the right to judicial review from the judiciary will have to speak the Constitution. There is no option without speaking of the Constitution A. Who have been dismissed once elected governments dozens, they should talk to the Constitution. It is very important to education to protect the constitution. "

After this, he targeted the previous UPA government and Sonia Gandhi.

He said "There was a National Advisory Council above the PM and PMO. Those who run the government with remote control need to understand the importance of the Constitution. The country is watching, Delhi is watching, what is happening in the name of the Constitution. Everyone is watching "The silence of the country will bring color. The leftists and Congressmen, who do vote bank politics, are provoking the people by going there." PM reminded Shashi Tharoor to go there without naming Shaheen Bagh.

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Modi said, "What was the status of the constitution during the time of Congress, what was the status of people's rights, I want to ask them. If the constitution is so important then who stopped it from implementing in Jammu and Kashmir? You are Jammu Shashi ji has been the son-in-law of Kashmir, you would have thought. "

After this, the PM narrated a lion, which he had written on a small slip. He read, "It is a great curtain to sit next to the drapery, do not even hide, do not come forward."

'Was Nehru communal?'

Modi said that 'people of Kashmir said that after removing 370, there will be fire, how many prophets are there!'

After this, PM Modi cited the statements of several leaders one by one.

He said, "Mehbooba Mufti said on August 5 that India betrayed Kashmir. The country we decided to live with has cheated us. It seems that we had made the wrong election in 1947. Can these people who follow the Constitution accept this type of language? "

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"Omar Abdullah said that the removal of 370 would result in an earthquake that would separate Kashmir from India. Farooq Abdullah said that the removal of 370 would clear the path of independence of Kashmir. No one will be left in Kashmir. Can a person who believes in the Constitution of India accept such a thing? "

He said that the opposition has exerted full power in creating 'imaginary fears' about the CAA.

Modi sarcastically said, "The same people who take photographs with those who cut the pieces of the country, Pakistan has been speaking this language for decades. Pakistan has done every game to provoke the Muslims of India. They showed every color. Pakistan The thing that cannot be increased is that the people of India have removed from the throne of power, those people are doing work which we cannot even imagine. "

Staring at Nehru, Modi said, "One can hope to become PM. There is nothing wrong in that. Someone had to become PM, so a streak was drawn over the country, the persecution of minorities after Partition. Can not be imagined. "

Modi mentioned Bhupendra Kumar Dutt and Jogendra Nath Mandal. Both these people had migrated from India to Pakistan, but later returned and died in India itself.

PM Modi quoted these two people about how many minorities were tortured in Pakistan. He said that it was a matter of early days in Pakistan.

Modi, while referring to the attitude of Pakistan, also referred to the stone pelting incident on Nankana Saheb.

He then raised the question 'Was Nehru communal which he talked about only minorities of Pakistan, not the entire people?'

Modi also referred to the Nehru-Liaquat pact. Not only this, he mentioned a letter from Nehru which he wrote to the then Chief Minister of Assam, Gopinath Bordoloi.

Modi said in this letter, "You have to differentiate between Hindu refugees and Muslim migrants. You have to take responsibility of these refugees."

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'Opposition should do constructive politics'

He also referred to a statement by Nehru in Parliament on 5 November 1950, in which Nehru said according to Modi that "the affected people who have come to India to settle are entitled to citizenship. If the law is not favorable So it should be changed. "

He said that "It was not only Gandhi but also Nehru's sentiment. There are so many documents, reports, that I told all these things. So, was Pandit Nehru communal, did Pandit Nehru want to create Hindu nation, Congress problem Is that she makes things, makes false promises, defers those promises for decades. "

In the first part of his speech, he talked about farmers, development, economy and employment.

He said that the government is taking decisions at a fast pace. He also said that his government is not a government running on leaks but a government which is drawing new lines.

Modi said, 'We do not panic but deal with them.'

At the end of his long speech, he said that 'the opposition should carry forward the resolve of development of the country by doing constructive politics'.

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