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The Final Romantic Films Of All Occasions NO 5/7 – jj

The Final Romantic Films Of All Occasions NO 5/7

I’m so pleased to present another video of romantic movies, many of them made this year. Have seen most of them and with few exceptions, they are fantastic, …



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  1. By the way, one more thing that I forgot to add before. "Marry me" with Lucy Liu came out in 2010, and I made this video in 2009, so unfortunately it was impossible for me to add this a year before it came out. The rest is in my other videos as mentioned before. Any more suggestions?

  2. Is it recent film, of could it be from the 80's? Could it be The Naked gun?Not sure about the pink bunnies, but man in wheelchair -yes, and it was hilariously funny – yes and I'm sure it had other very funny things which I can't remember since it's been a while.This movie was mixed, I think, not entirely black. I also came across film called Hank and Mike, (that includes rabbit costumes), but if I find something else, I'll let you know.

  3. Hey can somebody help me with my lost memory of a film. I can't remember much about it but here it is. 1) there were pink i think rabbit security guys with guns
    2)there was a guy who was in a wheelchair and made a little burnout ( like a squeel or smth)
    3)there was a massive ganja a guy had and he went and knocked on a house and a girl comes on the door and he asked light from her.
    Nothing else i can remember but the movie was funny as hell ( i think it was an black ppls movie )a funny one

  4. That's a tough one! I researched it, but I can only come up with films like:Soul Food(1997) with Vanessa Williams; Boyz n the hood (1991); Don't be a menace(1996);Friday(1995) which is about 2 friends; House Party (1990) about 3 friends. But those are all about crime, drugs & violence,so the little romance in some is almost non-existent.There is also one with Janet Jackson: Poetic Justice (1993), which seems nice,but I don't think this is the one you're looking for.
    Sorry, I couldn't help more.

  5. hey guys please if you can help me.. im searching for years a quite an old movie about 90's.. its the story about three black friends who grown up together from the years of high school and at the end they married three women.. i dont remember any other details please if you know some movies (even similar) pm me.. thank you

  6. @umiiAfro seriously. lol
    This list is for people of all ages, who also watch wider span of films,and don't limit themselves to one kind. Everyone likes different things and I was trying to take this in consideration when making all the videos. Sorry if you don't like it.

  7. @queenbigb Thanks for taking time to comment. I don't look at every individual movie like that. ULTIMATE means "The best achievable or imaginable of its kind" and that's exactly what I've done, but as a the complex, without taking every single ones out. I've made a collection of all I could think of and find, and it's up to everyone's taste now to chose what they like.

  8. :43 <33 kate's dress, i love drive me crazy! elizabethtown! 17 again! DEF 500 days of summer though i hated the ending, aquamarine, bride wars, i hate valentine's day, john tucker must die!, still have yet to see love wrecked[:, heartbreak kid, over her dead body[: rachel getting married[:, AHH I LOVE OLIVER (raise your voice, lol), shanghai kiss, she's the man!! yes dude i like like all of these lol loved the nanny diaries, the ugly truth haha 8:56 nice shot!

  9. @adams1187… I'm sorry you feel that way. perhaps if you take a look at the rest of the videos on my channel (there's about 5 of them of Romantic Movies!) you might find what u looking for. By the way…you will find both THE NOTEBOOK and the MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE and TITANIC in numbers 3/4 and 2/4 so there's no need to be nasty. Although you never know 15y old American girls may have a gr8 taste! LOL

  10. @LuliNAC with all due respect, why would I want to watch a movie in a language I don't understand?(I speak fluently 3 languages, so I could – in fact I'm learning Spanish, so Hola! Como estas? :-)) It makes perfect sense to me, though. You can watch what you want, I'm sure no one is either stopping you, but neither is anyone persuading you that you should. Personally, I think that's everyone's choice. You are not being rude, just expressing your opinion and I respect that. Thanks. 🙂

  11. @superalicestar the fact that you speak english does not necessarily mean you can't watch movies in french, german, chinese or whatever…I'm from Argentina (where we speak Spanish, in case somebody doesn't know) and i have to tell you that I've seen almost all of these movies as well as german, french and corean since they have subtitles…I'm sorry I'm not trying to be smart or rude but I just had to say it, your answer to mkane7's commet doesn't make any sense.

  12. @khanpreston1 that's up to you, everyone has different taste, however, if u look at the other 4 videos on my channel, you will definitely find more than few worth watching. 🙂 Read some comments and people's suggestions, it might help…

  13. it's not categorised at all, this's selection of all the films I've either seen, or I found and mainly I liked. And yes of course they're are either English or American, because it wouldn't make sense to put French movies, since I don't speak French. And yes there're other movies in my other videos (5 of them) like Brown Sugar, if u looking for other than "white people" as you say!

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