Twinflames- DM defending you from the nasty karmic ex. He booted them out. Hoping four a restart wiv u

My Discord Channel for Twinflames ://discord.gg/8UgwEsm Welcome to Amber’s Twinflame Union Tarot! The place to be if you are wanting to be in union with …



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  1. This reading resonates. I van see my DM protecting me as his karmic is very nasty? Amber please tell me about these programs you mentioned I WILL do the work I just don’t know where to start. Missing my DM and want him home 💜

  2. The forbidden fruit fruit that because his success was material and what you can see what everybody else felt it wasn't about reality and the truth and the spiritual journey it was but oh that's a top model or whatever storyline they want to give you

  3. When you pulled the compassion card Neyo song “Mad” came on & it was 352 which means The angel number 352 is a message from your guardian angels, encouraging you to have faith and trust about the changes you are making because they are for your highest good and will help you serve your soul's path and mission. … Trust that all is unfolding according to the Divine plan for your life. … I forgive my DM for breaking my heart I truly understand this pain had to happen. 😭💖💖💫💫

  4. Thank u for exposing those demented jealous envious Bitches trying to throw blockages on the Process of The UNIVERSE…..✨🌌🙌 I too released unsubscribed from numerous Bitches reading cards… Thanks for speaking TRUTH

  5. thats nice but you don't need to protect me from the karmic cause eminent afraid of her and i would just call the cops if its that bad and get a restraining order those the karmic is very irrelevant and laughable honestly the universe won't allow it I'm divinely protected so I'm good i don't nee him to protect me form her cause I'm not even worried about her or afraid I'm a queen and into coming off my thrown for a karmic who is just blocking their own blessings cause the karmic could find love too if she wasn't so worried about me and worried about herself and loved herself maybe she could be blessed too he was never yours and that is all the karmic docent have my power and she is never gonna have my power therefore I'm not afraid

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