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5 Worst Glutes Exercise Errors Girls Make (AND WHAT TO DO INSTEAD!!) – jj

5 Worst Glutes Exercise Errors Girls Make (AND WHAT TO DO INSTEAD!!)

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This video will show you the 5 worst glutes workout mistakes women make one by one so you can avoid them. You’ll want to stay tuned to be sure you’re not making any of these glute workout mistakes. We’ll show you a few of the worst glutes exercises as well as a few great butt exercises that you’ll want to be sure to do with proper form in order to avoid injury or prevent yourself from getting less than ideal results. There are also a couple of tips included here to help keep you from committing some of the worst workout mistakes when it comes to the glutes.

The first butt workout mistake is to be careful when doing step ups. One of the glutes workout mistakes to avoid is to be careful to press through the heel on the standing leg and rebound slowly to get best results. Another of the glutes mistakes is that many women hit only one angle with typical exercises like deadlifts and hip thrusts. You’ll want to be sure to also hit the glutes from other angles by doing curtsy lunges and side lunges. Another of the workout mistakes to avoid is to make sure you don’t go too light on the glutes. In your butt workouts you need to make sure you’re challenging the muscle by using a heavy weight so that you’ll really see some results. This is one of the worst deadlift mistakes that many women make…not going heavy enough.

Lunges aren’t one of the worst glutes exercises, in fact, they do work well for some women. However, if you don’t feel lunges working your glutes, or your butt isn’t sore the following day, just avoid them for glutes because it likely means they are only hitting your quads. Finally one of the biggest workout mistakes to avoid is to make sure you’re not doing anything that hurts. Anything that is hurting your joints will get in your way in the long run and the benefits don’t likely outweigh that, so just stay away! For the best full length glutes workouts for women check out our complete Athlean-XX for Women program https://athleanx.com/best-workout-program-for-women/getlean

Here are the top 5 worst glutes workout mistakes:

1) Step Ups – be careful to press through the heel and rebound slowly
2) Don’t Hit Only One Angle
3) Don’t Go Too Light!
4) Lunges – Only Do If Glutes are Sore, otherwise avoid
5) Don’t Do Anything That Hurts!

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  1. Your workout videos have been really extremely helpful, I am loyal a fan of your channel. So, thank you very much…
    However after watching this video I realized that I have done wrong while exercising to slim my quads and glutes.
    Would you prepare a workout to melt and reshape big glutes and upper legs, please?

  2. What exercise could I do for my thighs and glutes if lunges hurt my knees? I have knee issues because of worn down cartilage. I used to run cross country and track up through college and messed up my knees. I am trying to get my whole body in shape again the way I used to be and lose 20 pounds. Any suggestions would be great.

  3. This channel is lacking in comparison to Athlean X. Although I appreciate a video where the main theme is tips, these tips were nothing in comparison to the detailed information given in Athlean X videos. Why such a disconnect? I have yet to see an Athlean XX video that doesn't basically rattle off exercises with very little attention paid to explaining form. Is it assumed it's good enough for women to simply hop around like they are in a 1980's aerobics class? Even this "tip" video pretty much just gave a few bullet points with little else.

    Time to up your game Athlean XX!

  4. Somebody told me lunges are the best for glutes!!!! My mind is blown. I’m so confused.
    (Edit: I guess I’m doing them right. My glutes are always sore the next day.)
    By the way, I like how you put the list in the description.

  5. Tip number 3 about going too light is SO TRUE!!!

    So I don't understand why this channel proposes a majority of bodyweight/at home/no machine/very light dumbells lower body workouts… We want to see real sessions to build muscles, it's not because we are women that we are afraid of weights! So lets see barbell squats, deadlifts, lunges and other exercises on machines, with cables etc 😉

    To be honest I watch more videos on Athlean-X than Athlean-XX for women. Also the fact that the only program for women is composed of 30min sessions is a shame I think. Well I guess I train like a "man" but there shouldn't be such a difference between men and women when it comes to building muscle mass. Just my opinion!

  6. But wait, i just came from another Athlean Xx video (5 machine to avoid) where trainer Jess said that we should avoid seated abduction work. But now it's good to do seated abduction work to work the glutes in a different plane? This channel is confusing

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