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Aero-TV Checks Out Avidyne's Newest: The IFD800 and PFD4000 – jj

Aero-TV Checks Out Avidyne's Newest: The IFD800 and PFD4000

Compact 8″ PFD4000 Joins Massive 15″ Systems From Avidyne — With Synthetic Vision!

It’s been an interesting year for a renewed and reinvigorated Avidyne. Avidyne Corporation had a message for pilots, manufacturers, and the general aviation industry as a whole, at AirVenture 2008: the company’s back, and anyone who had written them off should take notice.

After ceding much of the GA glass panel market — a market pretty much Avidyne created, with its Envision flight deck — to rival Garmin, Avidyne knew it had to offer a knockout punch in order to stand any chance of regaining market share. The avionics manufacturer has done it by combining Synthetic Vision (SVS) and Enhanced Vision (EVS) with large-format 15-inch Integrated Flight Displays (IFDs).

Avidyne says its Entegra SVS offers improvements over existing systems by depicting 3D terrain all the way out to the horizon, based on the aircraft’s altitude above the ground. The Avidyne system also depicts obstacles, traffic and “Highway-in-the-Sky” (HITS) boxes on the PFD, enhancing the utility of the airplane, improving the comfort level of passengers, and increasing the safety of each flight.

As demonstrated on Avidyne’s massive new 15″ IFD8000 PFDs, the company builds on that capability by offering Entegra EVS enhanced vision, using a Max-Viz EVS-100 infrared camera. EVS is designed to turn night into day, enabling pilots to see up to ten times further in marginal VFR conditions through most atmospheric obscurations. With SVS and EVS, pilots can now fly comfortably at night, enjoying clear views of the ground, seeing emergency landing fields, roads, lakes, and buildings.

Avidyne also introduced the Entegra PFD4000, a new compact, 8-inch primary flight display system, at AirVenture 2008. The panel is designed to fit virtually any general aviation aircraft, adding the enhanced situational awareness and reliability of an all-glass flight deck.

The PFD4000 is designed as a “6-pack” replacement that will fit in virtually any panel space and …


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