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Causes of Hair Falling Out | Do your hair fall an excessive amount of – stunning revelation in a service on Delhiites – jj

Causes of Hair Falling Out | Do your hair fall an excessive amount of – stunning revelation in a service on Delhiites


new Delhi: Despite the best shampoo and hair spa, if your hair is falling, do your tests once. There may be a severe deficiency of protein in your body. A survey of a milk supply company in Delhi has revealed that due to lack of protein, Delhiites are suffering from many lifestyle diseases.

A survey of a milk selling company revealed that 64 percent of Delhi's diets are deficient in protein and because of that they are having hair loss. Apart from this, lifestyle diseases like anemia i.e. loss of blood, loss of appetite, yellow skin, rough nails and lack of concentration are also responsible for protein.

Better conditions of mumbai
This study was done on 1226 people aged 18 to 55, which includes people from four cities. In Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai, the worst is the people of Hyderabad and the best is Mumbai. 76 percent of Hyderabad people are deficient in protein. In case of protein deficiency, the condition of people of Calcutta and Delhi is also bad. 63 percent of Kolkata residents and 64 percent of Delhiites are deficient in protein. However, the situation in Mumbai is better. In Mumbai, protein deficiency has been found in 47 percent people.

How will vegetarians get protein
Non-vegetarian food such as fish, eggs and chicken are found in high amounts of protein. Vegetarian people can get protein by eating dairy products i.e. milk, yogurt, cheese besides almonds, oats, broccoli, beans and peanuts, but vegetarians still lack protein. In such a situation, protein supplements can be eaten for some time in between with the advice of the doctor.

Some facts related to the survey
– 64 percent Delhiites lack protein
– Only 3 percent of Delhiites know that protein deficiency can result in PCOD (Poly-cystic Ovarion Disorder)
– 67% of Indians struggling with protein deficiency do not eat on time
– When the protein is low, the concentration decreases.
– Only 47 percent of Delhiites have this important information
– 63 percent of Delhi under 55 years of age are suffering from fatigue.
– 80 percent of people struggling with protein deficiency are vegetarian.

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