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How To Rating With Girls, Ross Jeffries Teaches NLP Methods To Get Laid – jj

How To Rating With Girls, Ross Jeffries Teaches NLP Methods To Get Laid

In this video, Ross Jeffries uses his NLP modeling skills to teach you to pick up and score with hot women just like a natural.

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  1. 11:35 This is my main problem. Have no problem, talking to women, getting them interested, approaching them etc. Its the escalation part that I fall flat on my face, and its usually a random 50/50 if I get to bed. It's never by my direction. I need to work on #10

  2. I find it helps to think of everyone as a "useful idiot" as everyone has their own unique perspective of the world and sometimes you can learn a lot from a dummy… but that does not mean I want to have sex with them. If all a woman has to offer is an idiot brain attached to a retarded pussy, then I'm just not interested, not even so much as validating her stupidity with a pump and dump, and it's not like I'm anywhere close to being a virgin. I simply got tired of tossing them out the door one after another, fortunately BEFORE having sex with them. When I say no, it really means no, final. It's not a passive-aggressive game. It means get the fuck out of my sight and don't come back. There's a lot you apparently don't understand because you've never actually experienced it, like the fact that a woman can be extremely turned on physically and completely unaware of it mentally and that she turns into a bumbling idiot around men she finds highly attractive. Most of the seduction techniques I have used have involved introducing a woman's brain to the fact that her body wants to fuck me and thus get her out of her own way. I think my personal favorite was this woman running down a parking lot yelling "I'M NOT A SLUT!" because she wanted to fuck me. The police were called, she claimed I did something to her (I was nowhere around when this happened and heard about it from a friend), and was subsequently taken to the nearest hospital for a psychological evaluation. After what I've experienced, I'd say to count your blessings if women don't find you so attractive that their brain simply stops processing information. Sometimes women don't care if a man is emotionally unstable and unpredictable. The thing is to find your own truth, not the projected truth of a bunch of mindless idiots who most likely couldn't fuck their way out of a wet paper bag if their life depended on it. Just because a person can talk a good game does not mean that they're good in bed, and they've got all their energy tied up in projecting facade. Everything beyond that as well as the game itself is an illusion scooped off of the top of the bell curve. It's an unfortunate fact of life that most people are literally borderline mental retarded and that everything "social" is based on this invisible elephant in the room. Sex with retards is highly overrated and at some point you find yourself just wanting to have an intelligent conversation, which doesn't exist in the world of brainwashed superficial morons. In short, retarded pussy just isn't worth the trouble.

    "The pumpkin, the sheep, my brother's wife – I was on fire!" -Roberto Benigni, Night on Earth

  3. I tend to want the guys who don’t want me because of some unknown grading scale of theirs. And if I don’t make his cut, it actually makes me think for once (I seem to have a ton of mindless dates. Like, derrr dumb. 😩 More and More guys are getting dumber and denser. I don’t know why.). A girl will be attracted to a unique man so if she encounters one guy in a hundred who doesn’t actually jump to talking about sex, in fact, if he avoids it and even says no early on in the relationship, then he stands a very high chance of getting closer to her. Let’s be clear though, she has to be attracted to you. If she finds you unattractive, it could be repulsive to think about sex with you. Unattractive men are the narcissists, betas Who act like Alpha’s, gold-diggers and high anxiety dudes who think treating themselves poorly is acceptable or attractive. Like you guys need to start eating cleaner cuz chicken tendies every night is just GROSS. That said, looks are in what the woman sees 😊
    Also, the female autopilot is a thing! Unless I’m dealing with someone who inspires me to be on my game with them, then I can space out and can say something flippant, even hurtful.
    Secret #11 is gold.

  4. Utilizing NLP as a seduction technique is unethical because you aren't providing the woman with any real value. It is like using hypnosis, manipulation, or a roofie. Without being needy, how are you approaching and providing her value in the way that she wants?

  5. What about when you fall in love with a woman and marry her? Marriage is work. You have to show a great deal of caring. You have to continually keep her interested or she will end up looking to another man and then there is divorce, custody, etc. and life gets ugly! The ability to attract a woman has nothing to do with the ability to keep her. They call them first impressions for a reason!

  6. i think people are starting to begin to realize that there are many other systems that allow you to utilize all your learning's and integrate speed seduction in a new way, and go beyond ss and get more results,now i really think people get fascinated when they understand in this way

  7. yeah these vids do make it basic to meet 5 out of 10s but if you want to meet 10s you really need to know your game or you'll get shutdown have a look at the clip on PUA66.COM

    Hay decepciones que honran a quien las inspira.

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