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Xenophobic Assaults: Nigeria, South Africa maintain Joint Briefing in Abuja – jj

Xenophobic Assaults: Nigeria, South Africa maintain Joint Briefing in Abuja

Nigeria’s minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama and the African High Commissioner to Nigeria, Bobby Moroe, have held joint briefing over the incessant …


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  1. The majority of citizens in both South Africa and Nigeria live in poverty and neglect while their politicians steal and live in luxury hence the lack of  law and order.The governments are mafia mobs who look after their own  and the citizens are left to fight over the scraps.Its the same story throughout Africa, .. the ones with the most loot have the power to pay the police and army to keep them in power and luxury , they really don't care if you kill each other so long as they are living in luxury.

  2. The anc government are xenophobic ,racist, corrupt and  incompetent and cannot be trusted to enforce law and order, hence these attacks will not cease,Furthermore the anc government and their police are afraid to enforce law and order as they fear  the rampaging xenophobic mobs , this is quite obvious  from images of the police standing by and doing nothing whilst the looting, burning and physical attacks take place in full view of the media and the police. The anc are concerned that taking action will cost them votes and the mobs know this hence the lawlessness and breakdown in law and order.

  3. They are killing our people and the south Africa government are not doing anything about it, which is very clear( the deputy police minister), and you are talking of agreement with south Africa. Hmmmm. Nigerians in south Africa come home pls. Let make Nigeria great again, it a matter of time. South Africans will regret their actions I belt you, but it will be too late.

  4. In there media report, they did not acknowledge killings, only talked about looting, road blocks and attack. The representative from soutafrica could not even begin his opening statement with an applogy. This is just a cosmetic approch . No regards for the life lost

  5. Nigeria and other countries in the region assisted South Africa in their struggle against apartheid. Now the South Africans are killing the very people who helped them. This is stupid. These ppl are too easily manipulated by talking heads.

  6. I saw everything that happened, the informations circulating on social media are all very true, from the treats, to carrying them out. And ur police watching and not making any attempt to stop these animals. Right now we talking about compensation… U people must compensate us. Start talking about it and stop beating about the bush. Ofcourse U won't talk about it because all that has happened and still happening was premeditated from ur government, passed on to those uneducated fools to be carried out. Wicked nation. Showing wickedness on fellow blacks but practically worships whites and anything that has white colours in it. God LL punish U ppl. Lovers of evil.

  7. They keeping saying criminal elements, yes criminal elements took advantage of what? of the xenophobic situation to loot, but criminals don't burn a warehouse and repair shop full of cars. Criminals would steal the cars not burn them; this is a sign of hatred towards foreigners driven by xenophobia.

    This is what the South African president Ramaphosa said during a political rally; "Everybody just arrives in our township and rural areas and set bases without licenses and permits. We are going to bring this to an end and whoever doing this, wherever they come from, they must know,".

  8. Where did you see that son of a bitch with his head so big like Ghana's coconut? We don't want ShopRite, multi choice and other south africans chits and businesses anymore in this country. Let them also go! Nigerians are more than healthy to survive without visiting the animals world like south african.:(

  9. Oh South Africa one is amused , you have forgotten so early. almost every country in Africa fought your wars. Some local citizens lost their lives for your sake. we accommodated your people fleeing from apartheid and some of our locals died for hiding your people and now thats how you say thank you.

  10. I'm sorry that this is happening – we as people of African descent have already been through enough! Every time it seems as if we are headed in the right direction something happens. I know that South African youth are frustrated because of the lack of socio-economic opportunities in South Africa, but why turn on your own people, they are not the problem! This is at the root of the issue that we as African Americans face when it comes to black on black crime in our inner cities among our young black men.

    My heart goes out to Nigerians that have come under attack and I hope that the Sourh African's who are participating in this foolishness will come to their senses, and unfortunately those that don't must be made to deal with the consequences of their actions.

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