Da Brat Responds After Nicole Murphy Accuses LisaRaye Of Mendacity

After Nicole Murphy was caught kissing Lela Rochon’s husband Antoine Fuqua, LisaRaye McCoy said Nicole had also messed with her ex-husband before they …


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  2. If they let that shit go…..First of all both ladies are both beautiful and if he cheated on Lisa with her " He did what he did" Nicole couldn't do what he didn't allow her to. And if Lisa has been divorced from him and is still talking bout him and his cheating ways she needs something to do frfr PERIOD!!! Hell I'm sure he has been cheating on her with plenty other Hollywood actress…that is what Hollywood/rich ppl do…"SLEEP AROUND"…Lisa ain't no better than no other woman out here. I don't condone Nicole actions or the ex husband but all I'm saying is Nicole didn't owe her no where near what he owed her in respect..(shrugs shoulders) hashtag move the fuck on!!!!!!!!

  3. Lunelle is so real ,she said we all been around the block ,to me regardless where you are from ,you are going to defend your sister and have her back ,I know I have ,Debrat does have to be careful though the court doesn’t play with repeat offenses

  4. Everyone saying be mad at the man too which is true however he's not the one running around doing interviews and running his mouth if Nicole Murphy would just let the 💩 die down she wouldn't get so much heat….as long as she address it she's going to be out of the frying pan and into the 🔥

  5. I work at a nursing home. One of my residents. Had a relationship with da brat when she was in her 20s, he was talking about their relationship, and how he wish he could speak with her but he lost contact with her over 6 years ago.. hearing the man and his tone. Sounds like he really missed her.. if anybody can help I Kno he would like to speak to her before he past away

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