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Delhi Vidhan Sabha Election 2020: Easy methods to vote? Simply hold this stuff in thoughts – jj

Delhi Vidhan Sabha Election 2020: Easy methods to vote? Simply hold this stuff in thoughts


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Voting for the Delhi Legislative Assembly elections 2020 is going on Saturday. Votes will be cast for 70 seats from 8 am and the results will be out on 11 February.

What is your age? Remember that you must be at least 18 years of age to vote. If your name has been registered in the voter list, then you go to the polling station.

A polling officer will confirm your identity when it is your turn. Take ID card, PAN card, Aadhar card, driving license or any one of the bank passbooks with you as an ID card.

You have to sign the voter register and after that the second polling officer will give you a signed voter slip. After this, a third polling officer will take your voter slip and press the ballot button. This button is mounted on the control unit of the electronic voting machine.

Now you are ready to cast your vote. You will be told the way to the voting room where you will see the EVM machine kept for voting. This machine will register your vote.

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But wait … what is this EVM and how to vote on it?

What to keep in mind while pressing the button on EVMThe

Actually, it is a machine on which the names of the candidates participating in the elections are written next to the button and also the election symbols of their parties are printed.

The name of the candidate is written in the language prevalent in the area where voting is taking place.

An election symbol is given to identify the candidate so that illiterate voters have the convenience.

When you are ready to vote, press the blue button next to the candidate of your choice.

Wait … Wait a little … It does not mean that your vote has been registered.

This will only happen when you hear the sound of the beep and the indicator unit of the control unit of EVM is closed. You have given your vote!

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What happens to the machine after voting?

When the polling officer presses the 'close' button present on the EVM machine, it means that more voting on that EVM is stopped.

There is no tampering with it, so it is sealed in the old way. Along with this, a secure strip is attached to the Election Commission and there is a serial number along with it.

The EVM machine is opened just before polling.

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What happens on the day of counting?

The counting staff and the agents of the candidates inspect the EVM machines before counting begins on the day of counting.

A returning officer supervises this entire process.

When the returning officer is convinced that the voting machine has not been tampered with, he presses the result button on the EVM.

The returning officer calculates the total votes cast for each candidate.

Once satisfied, he signs the result certificate and hands it over to the Election Commission.

After this, the Election Commission releases the final result on its website.

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