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FULL VIDEO : Buhari Speaks on Working for Third Time period – jj

FULL VIDEO : Buhari Speaks on Working for Third Time period

President Muhammadu Buhari has cleared the air over a third term agenda, saying that he won’t make the mistake of attempting to remain in power after 2023 …


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  1. Useless people of Nigeria leaders,, God Will punish everyone of you there,,, majority of Nigeria youths they die in suffering,, because they like to be collect money of all this criminals and stupid Nigeria political,, that’s why Nigeria youths we continue struggle and suffering,,,,,, lazy youths,,,

  2. Foolish people group of thieves led by lifeless illiterate almajiri clueless dementia stricken Buhari the commander in thief of looters in the geographical expression called Nigeria the bush man from daura barawo bansa #free Omoluabi Omoyele Sowore revolution now.

  3. The worsted PRESIDENT so far in the history of Nigerian….and I can't even hear what this old fool is saying, shame on you and your generation and those fool clapping for you for the nonsense your are saying there.

  4. To be a governor or president you need just o'level.
    but for a job of 70k they will require 2nd class upper with 20 years
    experience.who designed this system?
    I'm searching for the doctor that delivered me in Nigeria. I just want to talk to him

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