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Nice alternative to earn large from gold, know why you’ll get higher returns – Finest time to spend money on gold get higher return know the rationale in particulars | Enterprise – Information in Hindi – jj

Nice alternative to earn large from gold, know why you’ll get higher returns – Finest time to spend money on gold get higher return know the rationale in particulars | Enterprise – Information in Hindi


new Delhi. Since the beginning of the new year, yellow metal has been steadily increasing. In the first week of 2020, the price of gold reached more than 42 thousand rupees. Since then, there has been a steady rise in the gold rate. In the last one year, there has been a rise of about 25 percent in the price of gold. In such a situation, it is important to know whether looking at this fast phase in the price of gold, investing in gold can become a better option.

Chance to diversify portfolio

Most mutual fund managers believe that investing in gold strategically can be a better option. It is said that gold also helps in expanding the scope of the Investment Portfolio. Also, given the many uncertainties at the global level, it can be said that gold can prove to be a better option for saving.

Gold can become savior in global crisisOne such expert says that in terms of global macroeconomic terms, it is very important to have gold in the portfolio. If no one has invested in it, then they should definitely invest. Looking at past experience shows that when a Global Crisis or any other investment does not give better returns, then gold performs better at this time. The second reason is that if any geo-political tension comes at the global level, then the price of gold rises.

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Why gold may come faster

Currently, the Corona Virus in China is now beginning to worry about the global slowdown. If this happens, there may be instability in the equity market. So, once again the price of gold can be seen fast. At the same time, some major central banks will remain lenient this year. On the other hand, there has still not been complete agreement on the trade deal between China and America.

Options beyond traditional investment

1. However, barring the demand for gold in festive and wedding season, after 2013, people have found interest in other options besides physical gold. The biggest reason for this is that people are getting many options to invest in paper gold other than physical gold.

2. Not only this, in addition to earning from investing in gold, people are also getting the option of gold delivery. Apart from investors, common people are also taking full advantage of investment options like Paytm Gold, Sovereign Gold Bond, Gold ETF.

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3. MCX Gold is giving investors the option to buy a minimum of 1 gram of gold. The special thing about this investment in MCX Gold is that a minimum of 1 gram of gold can also be kept in your demat account. If needed, its delivery can also be taken.

Gold mutual fund is also a better earning option

If you are thinking about earning big money from gold this year, then you have many options for this. You can earn well with paper gold. At the same time, based on last year's returns, Aditya Birla Sun Life Gold Fund, SBI Gold Fund, Nippon India Gold Savings Fund, Kotak Gold Fund, Axis Gold Fund, ICICI Prudential Regular Gold in Gold Mutual Fund Savings Fund, HDFC Gold Fund and IDBI Gold Fund have performed well.

Keep an eye on the goal before investing

However, despite this rise in the price of gold, investors will have to keep in mind that they should avoid keeping excess gold in their portfolio. They must think about their goals before making any investment.

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