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Solar will probably be open in Aquarius from February 13, the paths of happiness and wealth will open. Solar Transit In Aquarius On 13th February 2020 – jj

Solar will probably be open in Aquarius from February 13, the paths of happiness and wealth will open. Solar Transit In Aquarius On 13th February 2020


Sun transit will benefit

Sun transit will benefit

Aries : For this first zodiac sign of the zodiac, the transit of the Sun will be in the eleventh place. This is an income place, so there are definitely signs of a decrease in the income of the people of Aries, but with the decrease in expenses, you will be able to repay the old debt. The nature of the native of Aries can become angry during this period. This can have an impact on your personal relationships. This transit of the Sun can prove favorable for your father.

Taurus: The Sun's transit to Taurus will be in the tenth house in Aquarius. It is a place of work and livelihood. When the Sun comes in your house, your career is going to get a new direction. If the dream of going abroad is in mind then it can be fulfilled. In terms of health, this transit of the Sun will be fine. Chronic diseases will be removed. However, during this time, you have to be careful while using vehicles etc. Enemies will try to harm. Will interrupt the work.

Gemini : The Sun's transit will be in the ninth position for Gemini. This is destiny. Therefore, people of this zodiac are going to get luck in every task. If you are in job then you will get increment. Profit will be there if you are in business. Those people of this zodiac sign associated with art, culture will have the chance of getting some great honor. Love will increase in married life. Lovers and lovers will spend time in courtship. There will be work related to land and property.

Cancer : The transit of the Sun will be in the eighth house for the Cancer zodiac. Sun will not be visible in Cancer for Cancer. They will have to face mental and physical sufferings. Tension will arise in married life. Be health conscious. An asthma or lung infection may occur. This transit is auspicious for the field. There are chances of getting the desired progress in the job. You will also get relief from mental stresses, but you have to keep restraint on your speech and anger.

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Income will increase, wealth is obtained

Income will increase, wealth is obtained

Lion : Leo is the Sun's own sign, and the Sun's transit will be in the seventh house for this sign. The seventh place is a place of marital happiness, married life and partnership in business. The ongoing bitterness in the relationship will be removed. Love will increase between husband and wife. The work which has been stopped since time will speed up. If you want to start any work in partnership, then it will be beneficial. Leo people will have to travel long distances during this one month. Honor will increase.

Virgo: The transit of Sun for Virgo will be in the sixth house. Chronic diseases will be cured by the effects of the sun. Especially those who have a cold, cold, asthma, diabetes and some mental disease will go away. It would be a coincidence to go on an enjoyable and enjoyable trip with the family. Business expansion plans will be made and they will also be successful. Try to avoid futile debates. Don't trust any new person or new plan financially.

Libra : The Sun's transit will be in the fifth position for Libra. This transit is going to prove to be better for their family life and especially for their children. The estrangement going on in married life will go away. Marriage of unmarried people will be done. Social reputation will increase. The estrangement going on from the brothers will also be removed. Libraians may get a new relationship in the next one month. Love relationships will be formed. The people connected with education sector will be in a state of profit.

Scorpio: The Sun will transit in the fourth position for Scorpio. This is a place of pleasure. Therefore, the effect of the Sun is going to be completely on this sign. Their income will increase, they will get good wealth. Mental and physical strength will come. Will get courage to tackle the toughest challenge. Employed people will get promotion, increment in the field. We have to take loan for business expansion but will repay it on time.

You may have to go through any problem regarding health.

You may have to go through any problem regarding health.

Sagittarius: For Sagittarius, the transit of the Sun will be in the third house. In terms of family, this transit is going to be auspicious for Dhanu. Action plans will be successful. There will be a need to tread carefully in a love affair. If you get entangled in a vain argument, a love affair can be broken. Those of this amount who want to change jobs can of course. Brothers and sisters in financial needs will come forward to help you. Good news will be received from children.

Capricorn : This transit of the Sun will be in the 2nd house i.e. wealth place for the Capricorn people. The transit of the Sun in a place of wealth is going to prove extremely auspicious for Capricorn people. These people will be successful in economic plans. All funding needs will be met. You will get respect, dignity, but remember that excessive pride can prove fatal for you. Family has to be taken along. The path to make a career in Yoga, Spirituality will open.

Aquarius : Sun will enter the first position for this sign. Physically, this zodiac sign will get strength. Diseases will go away. Get rid of eye and brain related diseases. You will succeed in influencing others through your behavior and efficient interactions. During this time your decision making capacity will remain strong. Be aware of the health of the father. You will be strengthened physically. Reputation and respect will be found in social life.

Pisces: The transit of the Sun will be in the twelfth position for Pisces. The expenses of this amount will increase, but this expenditure will be on family needs only. During this time you have to control your speech and anger, otherwise you will get into trouble. You may have to go through any problem regarding health. Try not to buy any vehicle or property in this one month. With the help of a friend, a big action plan will be successful and your life will get a new direction.

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