Why Use A House Server or NAS answer?

This answers the questions I’ve received on why I have a server at home. It also addresses a couple of the other ways of achieving NAS (Network Attached …



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  1. I have bought an old HP proilant server with ecc ram and I am going to install freenas on it. I want to get the many users on my lan to start using it to do torrents instead of using there own computers and after they watch the movie the delete it. So if they were to use the freenas box those files would stay on it for future use.

  2. Wouldn't work for UK domestic customers who have monthly bandwidth allowances, (even so called "unlimited" which actually do have a "fair use" policy, which bites people up the backside when they least expect it) or for people like me who live in the country and have a crap internet connection.

  3. Very information. I love your point and how the industry treat us. I totally agree we should pay for company produce product, but it is not making sense paying same contents on iphone, DVD, VHS and so on… The money can be better used.

  4. It just happens! If I've got a solid interest in something then I'll find time somewhere, to watch something. Also, having films digitally, on the phone, etc. means I can watch things on the move, so I manage to use the nooks and cranny's of time that would otherwise be spent looking out a train window at the buildings rushing by. … it just sort of happens that way.

  5. I came across James May once while they were filming Top Gear. I decided he didn't look that good in real life and walked away. But the Synology DS213 looks good in the specs and receives good reviews. Max of 8Tb depending on raid config, etc., etc. … worth considering. The HP N40L was cheaper, though.

  6. Great video! Very informative to people who have not been exposed to the idea of having a central location to store information to make accessing it more convenient. I'm working on making my first NAS device for use in my home (using freeNAS). Thank you for taking the time to put this together!

  7. Server is used to process into other computers, a NAS is the room where that data that is being processed is at. I used a minecraft server and use a NAS to store all the information in the server because the server is old as hell and doesnt much room and can only support 500GB (old old server) so made a NAS from a old pc and bam. Servers can also mean a lot of things. You can make your old pc into a server and a NAS. Servers are also good for virtulization

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